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  • I am a novice in Tech
  • We are interested in people who are passionate and willing to join the Tech industry. Do not be scared on how to start. What we care is your passion and zeal to learn. If you are passionate, join other beginners to start learning a tech of your choice.
  • I need a Tech mentor
  • Everyone is inspired and motivated by something or someone. We get to where we are as a result of the people we meet and associate with. Getting you in touch with people who are willing to mentor you is our earnest desire.
  • I have a Tech Startup
  • Your Tech startup needs to be identified by people in your community and beyond. Abia4Tech is promoting all Abia Tech products and give them platform for growth. Do you have a Tech startup that you believe people will love to take part in or patronize? Join other startups in Abia to tell the world what Abians are building.
  • I need a Tech Solution
  • Government, businesses, organizations and individuals are all leveraging on Technology to promote their operations and activities. In the Abia Tech ecosystem, we have awesome tech solutions you might be needing to enhance your work. If you need a Tech service and wants to hire one, you are at the right place.