What Is Really Abia4Tech? Get to know about it
Abia4Tech is a Tech initiative in partnership with the Abia State Government to promote technological growth in Abia State with the aim of inspiring youths into the use of technology for Self-Reliance and National Development. We tend to use Technologies to touch and change lives in Abia State, Nigeria and Africa by organizing conferences, Tech startup meetups, schools challenge and other events that will inspire young developers.
The initiative in general is to build and promote Tech in Abia State.
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  • I am a novice in Tech
  • We are interested in people who are passionate and willing to join the Tech industry. Do not be scared on how to start. What we care is your passion and zeal to learn. If you are passionate, join other beginners to start learning a tech of your choice. Contact us to start.
  • I need a Tech mentor
  • Everyone is inspired and motivated by something or someone. We get to where we are as a result of the people we meet and associate with. Getting you in touch with people who are willing to mentor you is our earnest desire. Request for a mentor
  • I have a Tech Startup
  • Your Tech startup needs to be identified by people in your community and beyond. Abia4Tech is promoting all Abia Tech products and give them platform for growth. Do you have a Tech startup that you believe people will love to take part in or patronize? Join other startups in Abia to tell the world what Abians are building. Submit Startup for Free
  • I need a Tech Solution
  • Government, businesses, organizations and individuals are all leveraging on Technology to promote their operations and activities. In the Abia Tech ecosystem, we have awesome tech solutions you might be needing to enhance your work. If you need a Tech service and wants to hire one, you are at the right place. Send us what you need
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  • Study Jam - Mobile Site Certification
  • Mar 10, 2018 10:00 AM - Codelab/Workshop
  • Study Jams are community-run study groups for developers covering a range of Google Developers content. Typically, Mobile Site Certification Study Jam is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate understanding in basic and advanced aspects of mobile website...
  • Exploring Git And GitHub
  • Mar 09, 2018 12:00 PM - Codelab/Workshop
  • We will be learning on how to use Git and GitHub for Version control and collaboration. Understanding the use of GitHub.
Abia4Tech is transforming Tech in Abia . See How.
Tech Startups
The opportunities for Tech startups in Abia is now growing every day. We'll continue working hard to keep that up. We have many Tech startups that are seeking for support to grow. Abia4Tech will lure investors to provide support to Abia Tech startups and meet with the challenges they face every day. We are also organizing Tech meetups from time to time.
Tertiary Institutions
In view of promoting Tech in Abia, we are organizing hands-on workshops, events and codelabs in higher institutions all across Abia State. Tertiary Institutions are good grounds to build our strength on. For students that need support, we provide them with more resources and attention understanding their financial limitations.
Secondary & Primary Schools
There are many views that the challenge of Tech growth is as a result of poor foundation and lack of awareness of Tech to younger ones. Students in secondary and primary schools are yet to experience impacting hands-on workshops that will expose them to the trends in Tech. Abia4Tech scope covers for kids and students in the primary and secondary sections.
Businesses & Commerce
Every business needs an online presence to grow and flourish. Our first step is encouraging all businesses to embrace technology. Abia4Tech is willing to organize Tech workshops for businesses in Abia and provide Tech solutions of different Tech startups to businesses that need their services, hence promoting business operations in Abia. Everything in business can be simplified with technology.
Government & Ministries
The State Government understands the importance of Technology for universal economic growth. Abia4Tech partnership with the State Government is a good news to the success of the Tech ecosystem campaign in Abia State. Abia4Tech is also tranforming Government operations and activities. Every government agency and ministry should have a portal for people to easily access their services.
Tech Products & Solutions
Just like the MadeInAba campaign, Abia4Tech is on the campaign to encourage people to patronize Tech products and solutions from Abia State. We have awesome Tech solutions here and most are diverting to places like Lagos for access and patronage of their solutions. Abia4Tech is not just providing support to Tech startups, but encouraging the patronage from home and abroad.
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